Back to School Essentials

Whether you are ready or not, it’s back to school we go come Tuesday morning! Truthfully, I have been back at work already but after the lovely long weekend, we welcome all the students too. And to add to that, soon enough I will be starting yet another interior design class at the university! So once again, I am on both sides of the table: teacher & student! Even if you aren’t heading back to school like me, it probably still feels like a time of change. The weather is changing, leaves are starting to fall and the new clothes are hitting the shelves (yay fall fashion!!). There are some incredible sales happening this labor day long weekend (check out Anthropologie for instance!) and so, I decided I had to put together a little back to school essentials list.

For me, I am currently loving slip on sneakers, long cardigans and the perfect fitting tee’s. And of course, every closet needs a pretty midi skirt in my opinion! September means a lot more going on and needing to stay extra organized. Kate Spade planners are gorgeous and I have also been eyeing this new Design Love Planner I saw on Monika Hibbs’ blog. Definitely on my wish list! Desktop accessories are essential for back to school (like a cute mouse pad for instance) and now that I have my office, I know firsthand! Lastly, staying hydrated throughout the busy busy days will be important…but first, coffee :)
back to school essentials1. Cardigan | 2. Planner available here & here | 3. Coffee Print | 4. Mouse Pad | 5. Water Bottles | 6. Striped tee, Linen Stockholm tee, J’Adore Tee | 7. Slip on Sneakers | 8. Midi Skirt

Happy Labor Day Weekend!! xo

A Beautiful Baby Shower

Beautiful Baby ShowerOver the years, a lot of my girlfriends have had incredibly beautiful babies and I am most definitely a very lucky Aunty! But until this past Sunday, I had never gotten to actually host a baby shower for any of them. So, when we decided the shower for the new sweetheart Selah Rose should take place chez moi, I got pretty excited and immediately started dreaming of all things pink! And better still, I had Janna to help with every little decor detail! Yesterday, we posted about our adventures in macaron making and today I am happy to show you our beautiful baby shower for Selah.Beautiful Baby ShowerJanna made an adorable sign out of glittery card stock and several pom pom garlands to hang around the house. Beautiful Baby ShowerJanna also framed an extra print she had delivered from Etsy. We thought all of these small decorating details could go home with Stef after the party. The perfect additions to Selah’s nursery! Beautiful Baby ShowerBeautiful Baby Shower Beautiful Baby ShowerThis blush streamer was the perfect whimsical addition behind the table…and it was super easy to make!Beautiful Baby ShowerLots of delicious treats were a must! Macarons, cupcakes, fruit & veggies and of course PINK candy!Beautiful Baby ShowerWith the leftover card stock, Janna made some hearts for the top of the cupcakes.Beautiful Baby Shower

For drinks, we got some rose champagne, sangria and I made a sparkling basil limeade. I found the recipe in the August issue of House & Home and I absolutely loved how it was citrusy and not too sweet. Beautiful Baby Shower Beautiful Baby ShowerEveryone seemed to enjoy the treats…Beautiful Baby Shower

…including Janna…
IMG_8511I even caught the beautiful momma diving into the macarons! (Yes, I know what everyone is thinking…she looks too amazing for just having a baby! Well it’s true, this lady makes pregnancy look like a cinch! Oh and PS, her perfect pink dress is from Anthropologie). Beautiful Baby ShowerOf course, Selah needed to eat too! She took off her crown for comfort…Beautiful Baby ShowerBeautiful Baby ShowerIMG_8520Everyone wanted some Selah snuggles!IMG_8518It was a beautiful day for a baby shower and we were happy to come together to celebrate the bundle of joy. Beautiful Baby Shower


Adventures in Making Macarons

A few weeks ago, one of my lovely friends Stef had another adorable baby girl. Despite all of us calling her a “him” from the beginning, she was born and named Selah Rose. So to officially welcome this new babe to the world, Janna and I, along with some other very helpful friends, hosted a baby shower. I’ll share the whole post tomorrow, but today, I would like to take you through a little adventure in making macarons, with the help of Duchess Bakery. 

It seems no event is complete without some delectable macarons and Duchess does them right…they are the best in the city! But Janna and I, being the crafty people we are, wanted to try and make our own. I will preface this blog post by saying neither of us have ever tried this and we most certainly are not expert macaron bakers (though we wish!). Making Macarons

I headed over to Provisions and grabbed a handy Macaron kit. After finishing this recipe, I can tell you, this kit is a must! It makes about 20 filled macarons and comes in different colours (though Janna and I added a little food colouring to ours). Making Macarons Making Macarons

It was all about getting the egg whites perfect before adding to the other mixture! All the instructions were super clear AND they had a youtube video to help! Making MacaronsOur pink macaron mixture is ready to pipe!! Making MacaronsLook at that concentration! Having the template was very handy…I know for sure my macarons would have all been different sizes without it! Making MacaronsUnfortunately, even handy templates and detailed instructions can’t stop me from squeezing everything out the top of the piping bag…rookie mistake!! (Janna just laughed and snapped photos as I panicked haha)Making MacaronsJanna was much better at this step than I was…Making MacaronsAn important step was hitting the tray to get all the air bubbles out of our shells. Right away we noticed that our “points” at the top weren’t going down. We think our batter may have been too thick…probably from over stirring.Making MacaronsI pretty much parked myself here for fear they would burn.Making MacaronsA finished macaron shell cooling…the edges got a bit brown, but they still looked delicious! Again, normally they wouldn’t have such a point at the top. Whoops!

We filled with a delicious chocolate ganache, though we would have loved to try some Nutella centres too! Because we made these in advance, I froze them and took them out the morning of the shower. The “uglier” macaron shells were strategically placed on the bottom! Making MacaronsAnd so, I’m sure you are all wondering…the verdict?? They were absolutely delicious!! Even though their shape was a bit off, all our guests were very impressed that Janna and I made them! Hey, I may even consider making my own for the wedding now too!! (Just need a bit more practice!)

So thank you Duchess for having such a great Macaron kit and for filling all our tummies with deliciousness. Check back tomorrow for all the baby shower photos; you won’t want to miss our little DIY touches :)



Weekend Words: Love

F Scott Fitzgerald Quote

This weekend is so full of love. I am incredibly happy to stand alongside a dear friend as she marries her amazing man, who just so happens to be my Ryan’s best friend. I love weddings; even more so when it is one between two people you really care about. And getting to be in a wedding party with Ryan is crazy fun too!! (though, we are not walking down the aisle together :) )Alli & Reade

I styled a “love the dress” shoot with these two and Nicole in our beautiful Forest Heights home a little while ago. That alone filled me with emotion, so there will probably be a few tears tomorrow!!

And then to top it all off, on Sunday I am hosting a baby shower for a new addition to our girls nights, Ms. Selah Rose! Stop by for all the party prettiness after the weekend!!

I hope your weekend is full of love xo

Tips for Decorating a Home Office

Home Office DesignFrom the beginning, I knew I wanted a home office space that was both practical and organized while still being on trend and beautiful. Now how to achieve that, right? I decided pretty early on that a soft, white palette would be the most conducive to relaxation, creativity and getting some work done! From there, I followed basic design principles to finish my space. For me, designing a home office space was a thrill; but, at the same time, it is overwhelming tackling such a big project from scratch. And so, after my big reveal last week, I wanted to share a few of my tips for decorating a home office.

Focus on tasks

One of the first things we learn in residential interiors is that the best designs are both beautiful AND functional. My office could look incredible; but, ultimately, if I can’t get work done in there, then the whole project is pointless. That’s why I chose to design my space in 4 “zones” – the office, the craft, the sewing and the reading zones. From there, I could think about what tasks I was doing and what was necessary in each of the spaces to be functional – i.e. a big working surface, a place for books, a comfy chair, etc. If it helps, draw it all out on a piece of paper! It’s so much easier to get ideas out that way!Home Office Design

Don’t skimp on lighting

Now, you won’t be able to get much done in each of these zones if it isn’t properly lit. Many people tend to forget about lighting, leaving it to the end, or sometimes skipping it altogether. That’s a big no no! Lighting is so important, especially in a workspace. You should have 1- general lighting (the light from the windows and your ceiling lights, for instance) 2- task lighting (some light where you need it most, like a desk lamp) and 3- some accent lighting (like my decorative hanging pendant!) if possible. Having a mixtures of all three will give you a great lighting scheme!Home Office Design

Get organized & Accessorize

Getting organized isn’t what it used to be. There are so many unique options out there and ever the clever DIY’s to help. Pinterest is awash in inspiration. This may have been my favourite part of the office design – finding fun accessories to brighten my desktop, covering an inspiration board with images & reminders, and shopping for bins, baskets, magazine holders…you name it! Have fun with this part, while still thinking about those tasks of course! If you want to check out my desktop essentials, look at my inspiration post here.Home Office DesignI needed a place for all my paintbrushes, pencils, paint, etc. in the craft space. Putting it all on the wall can be pretty busy, but using all white containers creates a streamlined look.

Decorating a Home OfficeHere, I turned a simple frame into a message board by taking out all the inside panels and leaving the glass. A dry erase marker easily wipes off to allow for new messages or inspiring quotes.

Think about textures

Even though it’s a home office, I believe it still needs to have both visual interest and a feeling of comfort. The best way to achieve that is to vary the textures in the room because textures affect us in a number of ways. Texture affects colour, light and sound. With that in mind, I included many varying textures in my design. In the sewing nook for instance, I have the natural wood of the vintage table, the sleek plastic and metal of the chair, and the warm fur of the faux sheepskin. The mix creates a perfect harmony! Home Office Design

Inject some personality

Finally, your space needs to feel like you! It should reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid to decorate with objects you love, find pieces of artwork that inspire you or include vintage items passed down through your family like my sewing machine table and reading chair. Office Design Office Design

Flowers in a home office?? Of course!!Office Design I hope you found my tips for decorating a home office helpful! Especially with the start of the school year so close (mixed feelings about that!). Happy designing everyone!


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