Hosting an Oscar Party Celebration

hosting an oscar partyHosting any sort of party can be a lot of work. But, when it centres around lounging on a couch, in comfy pj’s watching an awards show, it is so worth the effort! This past Sunday, we enjoyed the fashion hits and misses, the small stumbles and funny one liners and, of course, the awards themselves. The party was such a success, I know there will be more in the future (and because it truly is easy…see this post). Here is a quick glimpse into our evening and a bit of inspiration for hosting an Oscar Party yourself.

hosting an oscar partyMovie treats made to look fancyhosting an oscar party

hosting an oscar partyBesides the normal treats, I had some healthy alternatives. Fresh fruit, cheese and Pancetta baguettes. hosting an oscar party

hosting an oscar partyAt the beginning of the night we filled out our Oscar Ballots and then played a little Red Carpet Bingo with gold stars. No one got a full card but we came close!hosting an oscar partyBingo Card can be found here and Oscar Ballots were from here

hosting an oscar partyJanna made a delicious Bellini with fresh fruit puree! I even busted out my vintage “Great Gatsby” inspired glasses that came from my dear Nana. They fit the movie theme perfectly!

hosting an oscar partyAnd at the end of the night the ladies took home a little swag bag. Each one was filled with gold chocolate kisses, a nail polish in either black, gold or silver and some delicious lip balm. Big thanks to Nicole for helping with the photos!!

Until next year! xo

Inspired Reads: Yes Please

yes pleaseAfter my trip into Lena Dunham’s world (see here), I decided to give the whole autobiography of funny women another try and picked up Amy Poehler’s debut novel, Yes Please. Right away I loved how she offered up a slew of funny stories about her childhood, improv work, years in the television industry and even parenthood. But what resonated with me most was the moments she wasn’t being “funny.” Through her writing, she proves she is definitely wise, offering up some advice we can all use and many of her chapters are candidly beautiful.

I especially love the chapter on how to “Treat Your Career like a Bad Boyfriend” and how she clarifies between career and passion:

Now, before I extend this metaphor, let me make a distinction between career and creativity. Creativity is connected to your passion, that light inside you that drives you. That joy that comes when you do something you love. That small voice that tells you, ‘I like this. Do this again. You are good at it. Keep going.’ That is the juicy stuff that lubricates our lives and helps us feel less alone in the world. Your creativity is not a bad boyfriend.
…You have to care about your work but not about the result. You have to care about how good you are and how good you feel, but not about how good people think you are or how good people think you look.

Yes, Amy…you nailed it!

After reading Amy Poehler’s book, I felt like I knew her a little better and started to Youtube many of her more famous SNL skits. And as I familiarized myself with the world of Amy, I secretly kind of wished she was my friend. She would fit right in on our girls nights, gossiping and watching the Bachelor, perhaps.

So, if you are in need of some fun and fluffy stories combined with wise words and lots of heart, I highly recommend this inspired read. And then in a perfect world, we would all just become automatic friends with Amy Poehler :) Yes please

6 Simple Oscar Party Ideas

6 simple Oscar Party Ideas
This weekend I am ridiculously excited to watch the Oscars. It’s my Superbowl. And even better, this year I am hosting some friends for an Oscar viewing party! All the fashion, all the surprises and all the big wins! I want to make the evening a fun night to celebrate this year’s best in film, without breaking the bank. So, I’ve compiled a list of 6 simple Oscar party ideas to help make the night a hit with your guests!

1. Add some Gold and Glitter

6 Simple Oscar Party Ideas

Decorating for the party doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. With some gold card stock and a star template you can create some sparkling banners. Light some candles that smell delicious. Maybe grab some gold and white straws, napkins and paper plates. Stay on the gold path and you are sure to add that little bit of glamour the night calls for.

2. Go simple with sparkling refreshments

6 Simple Oscar Party Ideas

Sure, there are lots of fancy drinks out there but there’s nothing wrong with basic bubbly. Add some fruit, gold name tags or cute straws. Or you can have guests create their own concoction and mix a drink! I may try a Pellegrino bar at this year’s party :)

3. Offer up the best concession

6 Simple Oscar Party IdeasPopcorn? Check. Chocolate? Definitely. Sour patch kids? I think so! It doesn’t need to be much but a fun display of concession favourites will go a long way with your party members. The trick is to make it look more decadent with your presentation – pretty serving bowls, popcorn bags and gold labels will go a long way and shouldn’t cost you more than a quick trip to the craft store.

4. Games a plenty

6 Simple Oscar Party Ideas

Add a game or two to make the party even more fun. I love this bingo game idea while enjoying the red carpet. It’s a great way to kick off the night and all you need are some gold star stickers to keep track. Try printing this one. And if bingo isn’t what you’re after, try playing some trivia or Heads Up – movie edition of course.

5. Keep tabs on the night

6 Simple Oscar Party Ideas

Have Oscar ballots ready for your guests to fill out before the awards begin. At the end of the night, see who got the most categories right! A little competition never hurt anyone, right? Here’s a great Free printable oscar ballot that I plan to use this year. I’ll have pens at the ready – oh, and handy clipboards of course. I’m also planning on creating another sheet to help us categorize our best dressed of the evening, which is always the most exciting!

6. Gift some Swag 6 Simple Oscar Party Ideas

We all know about the amazing swag that celebrities get during the awards season and your guests deserve that same treatment, even if it’s on a much…much…smaller scale. Give a swag bag at the end of the night, or before, with some sparkly nail polish, a mini bottle of pink champagne and some chocolate.

I’m looking forward to the night and will definitely be posting all our highlights!


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A Gift Free Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day5 years ago, on Valentine’s Day, Ryan and I had our first date at a restaurant on Whyte ave. It wasn’t particularly romantic since we were both just getting to know each other but it started what would be an anniversary/Valentine’s Day tradition for years. We have never given gifts on this day and I absolutely love that. Not that there is anything wrong with showering your loved one with gifts and flowers and chocolates! To each their own! But we found a better way to celebrate this day together.

Every year, we pick our top restaurant choice in the city, even if it’s a big splurge. Usually, we try to pick somewhere we have never been or have been dying to go to. Its become such a fun night for us, we start narrowing down our choices months and months in advance like giddy school kids. The night is special because we connect, and enjoy a delicious meal in a new place. It’s the experience. Now I know, going for dinner isn’t anything new in the relationship department. But what matters to us is time together doing something we enjoy.

So for this Valentine’s day, try establishing a tradition and DO something you enjoy together. Same goes if you are single. Get together with friends, try something new or just spend an evening pampering YOU. Whether you cook a fancy meal at home, have breakfast in bed or watch a romantic movie, the day should be all about valuing time spent together rather than valuing things.

Recently I came along this article for 50 Fun Winter Date Night Ideas in Edmonton. Some events have already come and gone, but it’s a really fun list (and not just because the word fun is in the title)!! Even if you aren’t yeg based, there are some great Valentine’s Day ideas here that can inspire you in your own city. Cooking classes? Improv shows? Museum gatherings? So awesome!Valentine's Day

I hope you all enjoy your special day!


Flip Kitchen Design

Yesterday you saw our complete demolition of the Capilano house. Today, I am excited to show you some design plans for the kitchen! I decided, contrary to our last flip, to do a more modern look in this space. All the wall paneling in the Forest Heights home inspired us to create a gorgeous living room that was more traditional contemporary (see that space here). This time our flip kitchen design, as well as living room design, are a little different.

Flip Kitchen DesignI wanted to show you our new floor plan (utilizing my new skills from CAD class hehe). When you walk in the front door, you’ll be able to see right into this big, beautiful kitchen. On the long wall in the foyer, I plan to replace the current wallpaper with something a bit more current. I am debating between the Oh Joy Petal Pusher from Hygge and West and the Herringbone pattern from Serena & Lilly. The kitchen wall is gone and will be replaced with a large island with tons of storage. Ryan already framed our new fireplace in the living room that will get brand new tile soon!

Flip Kitchen DesignAs you can see, I am totally inspired by the walnut cabinetry. I want to do the island and all the base cabinets in this finish with high gloss white uppers. I also want to incorporate some open shelving in the kitchen for all the pretty dishes ;) I am planning to keep the hardware small on the cabinets, so that the focus stays on the walnut and white contrast.

Backsplash options: white or grey?!? I am currently torn between these two, though I am loving how the bluey-grey looks with the walnut.

We are currently looking at a few Quartz options for the countertops but I am leaning towards one that has a bit of marble like veining in it from World Stone.

The walls will stay white throughout the whole space. I am thinking either Chantilly Lace (which I used in our basement and love!!) or Decorator’s White from Benjamin Moore.

In terms of lighting, pot lights are getting installed this week in the kitchen. I’m not going to do pendant lights over the island this time because I want to keep the view from the living room open. And they would, in my opinion, take away from the lovely open shelving we are doing. Plus, the under cabinet lighting will be just that right amount of accent lighting the kitchen needs. Ikea has this new remote control LED under cabinet lighting that we are super excited about! In the dining area, a large chandelier will replace the current one. I am inspired by these multiple glass pendants hung together…thoughts??

I would love to hear what you think about the kitchen! Like the design??


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