Weekend Words: Love

F Scott Fitzgerald Quote

This weekend is so full of love. I am incredibly happy to stand alongside a dear friend as she marries her amazing man, who just so happens to be my Ryan’s best friend. I love weddings; even more so when it is one between two people you really care about. And getting to be in a wedding party with Ryan is crazy fun too!! (though, we are not walking down the aisle together :) )Alli & Reade

I styled a “love the dress” shoot with these two and Nicole in our beautiful Forest Heights home a little while ago. That alone filled me with emotion, so there will probably be a few tears tomorrow!!

And then to top it all off, on Sunday I am hosting a baby shower for a new addition to our girls nights, Ms. Selah Rose! Stop by for all the party prettiness after the weekend!!

I hope your weekend is full of love xo

Tips for Decorating a Home Office

Home Office DesignFrom the beginning, I knew I wanted a home office space that was both practical and organized while still being on trend and beautiful. Now how to achieve that, right? I decided pretty early on that a soft, white palette would be the most conducive to relaxation, creativity and getting some work done! From there, I followed basic design principles to finish my space. For me, designing a home office space was a thrill; but, at the same time, it is overwhelming tackling such a big project from scratch. And so, after my big reveal last week, I wanted to share a few of my tips for decorating a home office.

Focus on tasks

One of the first things we learn in residential interiors is that the best designs are both beautiful AND functional. My office could look incredible; but, ultimately, if I can’t get work done in there, then the whole project is pointless. That’s why I chose to design my space in 4 “zones” – the office, the craft, the sewing and the reading zones. From there, I could think about what tasks I was doing and what was necessary in each of the spaces to be functional – i.e. a big working surface, a place for books, a comfy chair, etc. If it helps, draw it all out on a piece of paper! It’s so much easier to get ideas out that way!Home Office Design

Don’t skimp on lighting

Now, you won’t be able to get much done in each of these zones if it isn’t properly lit. Many people tend to forget about lighting, leaving it to the end, or sometimes skipping it altogether. That’s a big no no! Lighting is so important, especially in a workspace. You should have 1- general lighting (the light from the windows and your ceiling lights, for instance) 2- task lighting (some light where you need it most, like a desk lamp) and 3- some accent lighting (like my decorative hanging pendant!) if possible. Having a mixtures of all three will give you a great lighting scheme!Home Office Design

Get organized & Accessorize

Getting organized isn’t what it used to be. There are so many unique options out there and ever the clever DIY’s to help. Pinterest is awash in inspiration. This may have been my favourite part of the office design – finding fun accessories to brighten my desktop, covering an inspiration board with images & reminders, and shopping for bins, baskets, magazine holders…you name it! Have fun with this part, while still thinking about those tasks of course! If you want to check out my desktop essentials, look at my inspiration post here.Home Office DesignI needed a place for all my paintbrushes, pencils, paint, etc. in the craft space. Putting it all on the wall can be pretty busy, but using all white containers creates a streamlined look.

Decorating a Home OfficeHere, I turned a simple frame into a message board by taking out all the inside panels and leaving the glass. A dry erase marker easily wipes off to allow for new messages or inspiring quotes.

Think about textures

Even though it’s a home office, I believe it still needs to have both visual interest and a feeling of comfort. The best way to achieve that is to vary the textures in the room because textures affect us in a number of ways. Texture affects colour, light and sound. With that in mind, I included many varying textures in my design. In the sewing nook for instance, I have the natural wood of the vintage table, the sleek plastic and metal of the chair, and the warm fur of the faux sheepskin. The mix creates a perfect harmony! Home Office Design

Inject some personality

Finally, your space needs to feel like you! It should reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid to decorate with objects you love, find pieces of artwork that inspire you or include vintage items passed down through your family like my sewing machine table and reading chair. Office Design Office Design

Flowers in a home office?? Of course!!Office Design I hope you found my tips for decorating a home office helpful! Especially with the start of the school year so close (mixed feelings about that!). Happy designing everyone!


Today I’m Talking: New Beauty Favourites

Not long ago, I got some new beauty products that I wanted to try out. I was super excited about them but, as usual, needed a few more savvy ladies’ help in reviewing these items. So what did I do? Enticed Janna from Behind the Blush and Nicole Ashley over to my place, with promises of wine, smut TV watching (i.e. Bachelorette) and treats, of course! With their help, we narrowed down our new beauty favourites, perfect to use for the rest of this lovely summer. New Beauty FavouritesIf you saw my outfit posts from a couple of weeks ago, you may or may not have noticed my lip colour. I actually love these Color Whisper lipsticks from Maybelline. They are very soft and subtle – adding just the right amount of colour. I have three very different shades: Go Nude (perfect everyday shade), Oh La Lilac (fun summer hue) and Rose of Attraction (the right amount of coral & pink). IMG_8003Next on my list is the All in One Instablur Perfector from the Body Shop. I don’t usually use something like this, since I don’t wear a ton of makeup; but, I actually love how it makes the makeup that I DO wear last longer. And it makes my skin uber soft! Just, don’t be fooled by claims that it reduces pores and diminishes blemishes. We could only be so lucky!New Beauty FavouritesI also thought about switching up my mascara routine after being a long time fan of one particular brand. I had never tried one of these plastic brushes but I thought I would give it a whirl…New Beauty FavouritesAfter using the Rocket Volume Express now for about a month, I can say that I really love this brush…I feel like I get less clumps with this wand and my eyelashes look pretty darn voluptuous :) Has anyone else tried this brand??New Beauty FavouritesAnd finally, I decided my skin care routine needed a bit of a refresher this summer. Thanks to a generous gift certificate from a student, I decided to get a facial at Eveline Charles. It was AAHmazing but I was totally disgusted when I put my face in that light thingy. I had a lot of dry skin, gross pores, blah blah blah. So I took my consultants advice and tried out this new product line they just started carrying that was a lot closer to my budget than some of their other skincare lines. New Beauty FavouritesI have crazy sensitive skin and this Pro-Derm gentle cleanser has never once made me react negatively. Since using it, I have clearer skin that feels really healthy. And at night, I started using the AHA-BHA Lotion that acts as a fantastic exfoliant. New Beauty FavouritesThe only down side is the smell is a bit intense…But, it is definitely working because I went back and pocked my face in that light thingy again, and there was a lot less neon blue marks! Yay!

So there you have some of my new beauty favourites!

A big thanks to Janna and Nicole for a fantastic girls night! New Beauty Favourites

The Reveal: Home Office Design!

So I gave you a sneak peak yesterday and now I am happy to reveal our completed home office design. Though, I do say “completed” in a very loose way, since when is a space ever really finished. There are still some little details that have yet to be dealt with. But I couldn’t wait any longer!!! Now before I get to the good stuff, I should remind you of what the chaos looked like as we tore down the wall between the two very tiny basement bedrooms. Home Office RenovationYikes, right?! And those floors sure gave us a run for their money…see back to my post about painting wood floors here.

And now…here is that same view!!IMG_8358New white walls, low maintenance floors, great lighting, a fantastic wallpaper accent wall, gorgeous furniture and lots of accessories! And when you walk into the space, this is what you see…Home Office Design Home Office DesignJust a tad different, don’t you think? For the floor, we installed vinyl planks that resemble hardwood quite a bit. At first when Ryan brought them home, I was scared of the word vinyl. But, here’s the thing: in a basement they are such a smart solution. Not only did they fit our budget (especially after spending so much on paint that didn’t end up working out); but, if we ever have water get in, they won’t get damaged. Last year, so many basements leaked in Edmonton and even this year we got a bit of water seeping in.  So being smart will save us in the future!

I designed the office in 4 sections: the work station, the craft station, the sewing station and the reading station.

The first thing we did for the work station was put up a wall paper feature wall. I loved the soft grey chevron print (very small and delicate). IMG_8410Next, it was important that the desk was large and had good storage. I went with the “build it how you want it” Linnmon table tops from Ikea and then chose two drawer sets. I love how much room the corner desk gives us!Home Office DesignI hung a handy magazine wall rack that Ryan can use to organize paper work for the various jobs he has going on at one time. And I got the best office chair from Structube. Comfy and stylish!Home Office DesignHome Office Design

The desk accessories are my favourite part of the work station. Pretty trays, notepads and everything organization! Home Office DesignI love how everything is at my fingertips, including a great Weekly List from Rifle Paper Co. so I can stay on top of blog posts and all the other life plans.

The craft station is so much fun! Home Office Design

I organized all my paints, paint brushes, glues, pencil crayons, etc. so it is finally easy to find everything. A floating shelf above the desk gives me some extra display space for pretty prints. And of course, every craft station needs sturdy stools which I nabbed from Target. Home Office DesignHome Office Design

I inherited this beautiful sewing machine table from my Nana and I couldn’t have been more excited when my Uncle got it working again. Thus began the sewing station.Home Office DesignI paired the vintage piece with a modern transparent chair & cozy faux sheepskin. I love the mix of old and new!Home Office Design

I decided that it was the perfect place to have an inspiration board. A spot for ideas, pictures, samples and other lovely things. I placed a picture ledge underneath to store my sewing necessities and other odds and ends. Home Office DesignAnd right next to it seemed like a great place to stack my book collection (well only a fraction of my book collection, really). Home Office DesignOffice Design  And finally, while we are on the subject of books, the reading station completed the office design. Home Office DesignWe got this vintage chair from Granny and I loved how it looked in the room adding a little pop of colour to an otherwise neutral space. A single bulb hangs from the ceiling to give off a little more task lighting while reading. Even though Edison lightbulbs don’t give off the best light, it looks beautiful! Home Office DesignI added the pouf and tray for a place to set down a cup of tea or coffee. And, of course, the pouf can be extra seating should I decide to have a little craft night with the girls. Home Office DesignA handy basket stands alone to house all my wrapping paper. I had ordered a beautiful print for this frame but, alas, it’s still en route. In the meantime, a short list of favourite cities sits in the frame. I am by no means an artist but filling the space temporarily with my own writing is an easy solution. Home Office DesignSo there you have it! Our new home office design! What do you think of the space? I would love to hear your thoughts. I mean, Shya loves it, as she’s always in here with me :)

Get the Look: Desk | Spencer Office Chair | Target Stools | Desk Lamp | Notepad | Poppin Accessories | Candle | Coffee Cup | Letter Holder | Gold Dog Tape Dispenser from Target | West Elm Lacquer Trays | Plum Int. White Pencils | Weekly List Planner | Decorate & Decorate Workshop Books | Craft Station Wall Organizer 1 & 2 | Wall Magazine Rack | Coffee Print | Do What You Love Print | Transparent Chair | Faux Sheepskin | Be Inspired Print by Justine Ma | White Dipped Basket from Target on clearance | Pouf | UO Hanging Pendant | Invisible Bookshelf | Benjamin Moore Wall Colour Chantilly Lace & Benjamin Moore WallPaper | Vinyl Planks

Coming up soon…some tips and tricks to get the perfect home office design! xo


Sneak Peak: Our Office Design

I am really excited to show you our office space that we have been working on for a very, very long time. It wasn’t supposed to be so long, but other projects took priority and you know how life can get! So yes, this simple home office renovation got turned into a much longer stint. But all of that is behind us and today I can tease you with a few photos!! Office Design  It was important for me to have a space where more of my books could live…I really have too many. But like Mr. Oscar Wilde says, who could not be happy with books in their life? Office DesignA cozy space to kick back and read or relax. Office DesignBefore, whenever I wanted to tackle a DIY or art project, I had to rummage around for my supplies and sit at the kitchen table. In the new office design, I made sure everything was organized and had a place. What a difference!!Office DesignShopping for desk accessories may have been my favourite part of the whole office design…Office Design Office DesignBeautiful and inspirational artwork make this office the perfect creative space. Which is so important when the majority of your life necessitates good creative juices!!Office DesignAnd finally, we tried to paint the original hardwood floors only to have dismal results. The new flooring we chose actually ended up working out so much better!

Well that’s all for now…I hope I have sparked your interest to see the whole space! Check back tomorrow for the reveal!!


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