9 Things to See and Do in Madrid


This past summer, the last leg of our honeymoon consisted of travelling across Spain with some family and friends. We set Madrid as our first stop, and planned a route that would eventually end in Barcelona. Now, I had been to Barcelona once before…years ago…but I had never set foot anywhere else inside this beautiful country. […]

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Just a Glimpse of January


Umm, so what happened to the first month of this year? Didn’t I juuuust pack up the Christmas decorations? I’m sure you’re with me…this year is going by fast already and January was over in a flash. But it’s exciting because I feel like we’ve already accomplished a lot and some big changes are on the horizon […]

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Keeping a Clean House

clean house

In my efforts to have a simpler, better organized home in the new year (see my declutterring post here!), I have also set a goal of keeping it a whole lot tidier too. I actually love taking a Sunday to get it all bright & shiny and our house is pretty clean for the most part […]

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