Vegan Mulligatawny Soup

The change of season can leave us feeling like we need something warm and comforting. And if you are anything like me, you get a cold this time of year. This vegan soup hits the spot on a cold night while I use it as a kick off for a detox. This soup is loaded with yummy curry flavours and amped up with lots of healthy toppings. I doll up Madeline’s soup with a flower of jasmine rice for her to enjoy and I load up mine with the goodness of avocado, green onion and loads of cilantro (believed to aid in digestion and reduce inflammation.) Madeline loves to take this to school for lunch in a thermos with a side of healthy toppings that she can fix herself at lunchtime. This soup also freezes and reheats well as a quick, healthy supper on an activity-heavy, school night.

What You’ll Need

  • 1 tablespoon avocado oil
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 inches fresh ginger
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons medium yellow curry powder, or more depending on your taste
  • 2 inches fresh turmeric (or 2 teaspoons dried turmeric)
  • 1 to 2 fresh red or jalapeno chili(s), seeded (or 1 teaspoon chili pepper) to taste
  • 1 medium sweet or red onion, diced
  • 4 medium carrots, peeled and diced
  • 2 cups cauliflower florets (1 small head or ½ large head), chopped
  • 2 large crisp apples (Pink Lady or Granny Smith), peeled, cored and diced
  • 1 medium sweet potato, peeled and diced
  • 3 to 3 ½ heaping cups cabbage (one small head or ½ large head), shredded
  • 4 cups filtered water
  • 3 to 4 cups organic fresh vegetable juice blend
  • 1 14-oz. can organic chick peas, drained (try to use a BPA free brand such as Eden)
  • 2 teaspoons sea salt or to taste
  • 1 14-oz. can coconut milk, stirred
  • Juice from 1 medium lime, or to taste
  • 1-2 teaspoons agave

For the Garnish

  • Green Onion
  • Avocado
  • Fresh Cilantro
  • Organic Jasmine Rice

(TIP: Prior to cooking, I find it best to get all of my mise en place complete. I use my food processor to do all of my chopping and shredding. Since this soup gets pureed your knife skills are not all that important. However, it is important to get most of your ingredients about the same size so they cook somewhat evenly.)

Heat the avocado oil in a heavy bottomed dutch oven. Vegan Mulligatawny Soup

I begin my throwing my garlic, ginger, turmeric and chilli in the food processor together and pulse until even chopped. Add these with your curry spices (and dry spices if using) to your heated avocado oil.Vegan Mulligatawny Soup

Toast your spices being careful not to burn. The toasting infuses a depth of flavour that is not to be missed.
Chop your onion, carrots, cauliflower, apples and sweet potato in the food processor in batches. You can also use your food processor to shred the cabbage. If you are not using a food processor, simply dice your vegetables and shave your cabbage in thin slices. Add to your toasted spices and sauté until softened, about 10 to 15 minutes.Vegan Mulligatawny Soup

Stir in the vegetable juice blend, water and chick peas; season with a touch of sea salt, if desired. If you use extra vegetables (as I often do), add more vegetable juice or water to just cover the vegetables in your dutch oven. IMG_0205Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat. Cover and simmer the soup, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are tender, about 30 to 40 minutes. Carefully blend with an immersion blender until smooth or you can leave as is and serve as a stew. If you prefer some texture, puree only half the soup until you have the consistency you desire. Vegan Mulligatawny Soup

Add the coconut milk, lime juice and agave syrup. Stir well. Taste for seasoning adjustments. Heat through gently; don’t boil as your coconut milk can split (break). Vegan Mulligatawny Soup

I serve this with a scoop (or a flower for my wee one) of jasmine rice and top with avocado, green onions and a large handful of fresh cilantro. This is also very good topped with thinly sliced or diced apple and fresh mint.Vegan Mulligatawny Soup

TIP: I always have a bag of frozen ginger, galangal and turmeric root in my freezer. When I need to use it, I simply pull it from the freezer and chop in a food processor or grate on a rasp. It is not necessary to peel your frozen ginger or turmeric roots.Vegan Mulligatawny SoupEnjoy! xo Jacqui

Recipe adapted from Gluten Free Goddess

Today I’m Talking: SJP’s NYC Townhouse

Having a love affair with New York, I have often fantasized about living the high life in this dazzling city (who hasn’t!). And part of the love affair began when I started devouring episode after episode of Sex and the City. I fell for Carrie, her unending, spectacular closet and I just loved her love of NYC. Sarah Jessica Parker inspired me with her quirkiness, her love of the arts, her creativity and bold fashion choices. I could only imagine how fabulous her NYC digs could be…until now.

Newly on the market is SJP’s NYC Townhouse, perfectly located in Greenwich Village, and it does not disappoint!  It seems a bit more staged than when we first caught a glimpse here in her Vogue 73 questions interview (which I love btw) but nevertheless it is a stunner. I absolutely love the floor to ceiling windows and all the natural light. The massive bookshelves are my dream, made even more interesting in a space dominated by a large white ping pong table. High ceilings, original mouldings and beautifully maintained fireplaces are key to this home’s charm. A sleek chef’s kitchen isn’t half bad either. Oh, and don’t forget the drool worthy closets, a la Carrie style. Check out the photos for a little NYC design inspiration! SJP's NYC Townhouse SJP's NYC Townhouse SJP's NYC Townhouse SJP's NYC TownhouseSJP's NYC Townhouse SJP's NYC TownhouseSJP's NYC Townhouse SJP's NYC Townhouse SJP's NYC TownhouseSJP's NYC Townhouse SJP's NYC TownhouseSJP's NYC TownhouseSJP's NYC TownhouseCould SJP be any sweeter? I adore her! And I would definitely live in this place, just in case anyone was wondering!


(all photos from Domaine Home taken by Douglas Elliman)

Saying Yes to that Wedding Dress

Yes to that Wedding DressThe first wedding dress I put on freaked me out, I’m not going to lie. It seemed so surreal – like I was having an out of body experience or something. But after I got over the initial shock of having this amazing dress on my body, I realized just how exhilarating wedding dress shopping is. Yes, it can be overwhelming but finding the ‘one’ is so far my absolute favourite chapter of the Eustace wedding chronicles. A couple of months ago, I got to work with the wonderful ladies at Novelle, not for my own wedding, but for a styled shoot with the lovely Nicole Ashley. The dress we selected was breathtaking and the shoot was perfection (see it here) but one aspect that really stood out was the service we received at this delightful bridal boutique. All the ladies went above and beyond to accommodate us in a time crunch, they always responded to correspondence quickly and above all they were friendly & kind. And so, I had to ask Angel, owner of Novelle, a few important questions while on my quest to track down the perfect wedding dress.

Wedding Dress

What would be your number one piece of advice when shopping for the ‘one’?

Keep an open mind. Be willing to try on dresses that are not what you have envisioned. Many times, you’d be surprised!

This is so true. Already I have been surprised by some of the dresses I have tried on. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted but have definitely been thrown by a few different silhouettes and even colours.

Wedding Dress

What new trends are you seeing for fall 2014?

Sheer Illusion backs, Off the shoulder necklines, Tulle fabrics and all over crystal beadings.

From the beginning I have always wanted lace – but I am very intrigued by this idea of having a sheer back!

Wedding Dress

Do you have any current favourite designers or favourite dresses?

Our favourites change by the week if not, by the day. We always have new dresses coming in! But right now, we are quite obsessed with the Watters collection that is brand new and exclusive to the store (pictured here!).

Wedding DressAbsolutely stunning!

A few more helpful tips when hunting for the perfect wedding dress:

  • Set your budget and stay on it!
  • Think about the feel of your wedding – you want the dress to fit with the theme, venue, and even tone of the day
  • Have a great team with you! Ladies who can give great advice but will also support your vision (and your mom of course!)
  • Remember to factor in accessories – they can add so much to the overall look
  • When you find it, stop looking (I’m guilty of this – I thought I found the one and then tried on a few more and ended up a bit confused!!! Eek!)

A big thank you to Novelle! I may be stopping by soon to try on these amazing Watters dresses!! xo


In Love with Indigo Decor

Indigo decor

When I saw this living room featured on the Everygirl, I stopped (I may have gasped just a wee bit) and then I immediately pinned it. I absolutely fell in love with this bold blue sofa in the middle of a clean, neutral space. There is something so beautiful and lively about choosing one dramatic punch of colour – it steals the show! Now, I know the couch isn’t exactly indigo per say, but I realized after seeing this photo just how many blue inspired spaces were catching my eye – specifically on the indigo side of the spectrum. Normally, I am drawn to all white, grey, slightly off white spaces…but lately I am really digging this punch of indigo decor. Indigo decor Indigo decor Indigo decorIndigo decorIt really seems to work well when the rest of the space is quite neutral, adding in that bold colour sparingly. I love that it pairs so well with gold accents and really suits that mid century modern look that is so on point right now. indigo decorI adore that chair!! I almost feel like I need a blue chair in my life now!! What do you think?

Seeing these spaces inspired me to find some indigo decor options for myself. I scoured the web, and found some beauties from places like Serena & Lilly, Amber Interiors and Jonathan Adler! I also loved some of the blue block print fabrics that Danielle Oakey rounded up hereIndigo decorSettee | Bin | Art print | Tray | Second Art Print | Pillows | Throw

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3Image 5 | Image 6

So I’m curious! Would you rock some indigo in your home decor??

Here’s to Summer

summerThe labor day long weekend always marks the end of summer for me, even if we continue to have some beautiful weather. I am so grateful for the long lazy days of summer and how for a couple of months I get to live my days doing whatever pleases me. But, fall always brings with it an exciting new start to the school year and no matter how much I detest our winters, nothing compares to that crispness in the air and the shifting colours. But before Inspired by Lynne dives into another exciting autumn season, I wanted to reminisce…here’s to summer everyone!

Here’s to the slow mornings and long sips of coffee

Here’s to the great summer reads that last late into the night

Here’s to the first summer storm that shakes the entire house

Here’s to the patio time with friends – soaking up the sun with a cool drink in hand

Here’s to the open road, windows rolled down and tunes turned up high

Here’s to adventure, travel & the excitement a new place brings

Here’s to heaven on earth, the lake…watching the morning mist dance on the water, the slow ripple of the smooth surface, the initial shock of the cool water as you take the plunge!

Here’s to fun filled hours in the boat, with family you wish you could see all the time

Here’s to that last lingering light as the sun sets, ending a day you wish could last forever

Here’s to stories told around a crackling fire

Here’s to the festivals of light, music, art, food, dance & drama and for all the inspiration they bring

Here’s to lasting promises of love, watching friends join hands in marriage

Here’s to the memories that summers bring…so many beautiful memories.

I hope you had the perfect last “warm” long weekend and a memorable summer. I encourage you to take time to reflect on all the good that it brought. Then, soak up whatever is left of that summer sunshine and look forward to what’s in store for fall!

A little summer video:


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