The Best Halloween Decor

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or Easter, I have always loved decorating for the holidays. This year, however, I may have dropped the ball a bit on my Halloween Decor, which makes me sad. My excuse?! This fall has been especially busy with the wedding planning, my trip to NYC and other events. So instead of showing you my own decor, I have rounded up some of my faves from around the web. These are, in my opinion, some of the best halloween decor ideas out there!

Best Halloween Decor

You can never go wrong with some twisting branches in the house. Better yet, sprayed black!

Best Halloween Decor

Cheesecloth is oh so inexpensive and a little of it goes a long way in spooky-ing up a room, like Holly from In the Fun Lane did here.

Best Halloween Decor

Skulls are always a go to in Halloween Decor and I absolutely love this idea of turning a plain white one into a succulent planter from A Beautiful Mess!

Best Halloween DecorSame with this skull floral centrepiece from Honestly Yum!  Just think of how many colour options there are with different arrangements!

Best Halloween DecorHow easy is this? Creating some fabric ghosts to greet people in your entryway? I also love the lace!!

Best Halloween DecorWhen in doubt, glass bottles and white candles will always make a Halloween statement.

Best Halloween Decor

And now for my all time favourite, the white pumpkins. Gathered in a bunch, these will always be on my list of best Halloween decor. Cupcakes and Cashmere’s front entrance is so simple and so beautiful! And if pumpkin decorating is a must, I prefer some of the gorgeous no carve ideas that are constantly popping up on my Pinterest feed.Best Halloween Decor

How cute are these white and copper pumpkins?

Happy Halloween Everyone! xo

Image Sources: Branches | Cheesecloth | Skull 1 | Skull 2 | Ghosts | Candles | Pumpkins | White and Copper 

29 Things In My 29th Year

Birthdays are always a little terrifying for me. They are sort of like New Year’s – such a build up and then you’re usually left feeling a little disappointed and exhausted! But the bonus of birthdays is that I always realize how grateful I am for the all the loved ones in my life. All it takes is a simple “Happy Birthday” and it reminds you of how many lives are intertwined with yours.

29thyearThis year, I am finishing off my twenties! Eek! Where did the time go?? Yes, it is slightly terrifying but at the same time, I am so thankful for these years of growth, trial and error, and, of course, a ton of fun. So many memories and so many lessons learned!! I want to make sure I finish off this decade right and live to the fullest extent. I mean, who knows what my Thirties will bring!! What a better way to start than making a list of some of my goals, right?

Here are 29 things in my 29th year:

  1. Learn how to use my Nana’s vintage sewing machine properly
  2. Read at least 29 new books
  3. Practice Calligraphy
  4. Go on a girls trip (Vegas, NYC? anywhere!!)
  5. Pick up knitting again
  6. Finish at least two of our bigger home projects
  7. Find more artwork for my home
  8. Get into a better workout routine
  9. Eat at Tavern, Range Road and Corso 32
  10. Laugh and see improv on a more regular basis
  11. Have more lazy Sundays
  12. Improve my photography and editing skills
  13. Flip another house with my partner in crime
  14. Find more opportunities to surprise Ryan with little treats and date nights
  15. Get photos of me and my husband to be (already checked this one off)
  16. Take the pups on a mountain retreat
  17. Visit a new country (Honeymoon!!!)
  18. Check off four more courses in my Interiors Program
  19. See a favourite artist live in concert
  20. Go to as many festivals in YEG as possible!
  21. Actually attempt to cook the meals Jacqui posts (and make Ryan a good meal for once!!
  22. Spend a weekend with the ladies in my family – no men allowed :)
  23. Bake macarons again and gift them to someone special
  24. Host a fancy dinner or brunch
  25. Connect with more bloggers in my area
  26. Shop locally more – boutiques, farmers markets, etc.
  27. Plan my wedding!
  28. Get married! Wahooooo!!!
  29. And if all goes well, at the end of my 29th year, another addition will be on the way…


29 things in my 29th year

Inspired Reads: Not That Kind of Girl


“so much of what I love – gossip and furniture and food and the Internet”

Lena DunhamI have to be honest – I rarely read non-fiction or autobiographies. But after watching and loving the series Girls, I was drawn to Lena Dunham’s writing style and her first memoir Not that Kind of Girl. And, admittedly, I thought her book of essays would make the 5 hour trek to NYC a lot more enjoyable! Now, I may not have been able to identify with ALL of Dunham’s exuberant accounts while growing up but I could definitely relate to those feelings of frustration with body image, of heartbreak, of needing to prove myself…of growing up.

I thought her book was brave. I thought her book was honest. I thought her book was a great balance of cringe-worthy moments and laughable tales. On the plane, it was a mixture of me trying to hide the page from my seat neighbour’s wandering eyes and me trying to stifle my snickers. (Which reminds me of when I was reading The Fault in our Stars on another similar plane ride, bawling my eyes out…the poor guy sitting next to me must have thought I was delusional!!) Lena DunhamNot that Kind of Girl was a great read not because it was life changing or overly inspiring, but because it was the perfect break from my own realities. I loved hearing about Dunham’s awkward sex scenes on camera, how she finally found a sincere love and, being a list person myself, I. Loved. Her. Lists. But most of all, it made me reflect on my own journey through my 20’s. Even though I don’t have enough hilarious stories to fill a 265 page memoir (YET ;) ), I do have a good balance of cringe-worthy, uplifting and even heartbreaking memories. For now, those will stay locked in the vault and instead I will simply thank Dunham for sharing… and for being herself.

Lena Dunham

“I can’t wait to be eighty. So I can have an ‘oeuvre’ – or at least a ‘filmography’.”

Blanket Scarves and Coffee

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall day wherever you are!
Blanket Scarves

Fall is all about the layers. And one of my favourite additions to any outfit is a scarf! When Janna picked up a few blanket scarves while we were shopping the other day, I initially thought that they would look a tad too big on me. I was wrong. Sometimes a good, cozy blanket scarf is just what you need to finish off a fall outfit. And the bigger the better!! She settled on this fabulous one from Zara, being drawn to the soft fabric and subtle herringbone pattern. And the added stripe detail was just the right amount of colour! I love how she layered it over a neutral outfit, letting that scarf take centre stage. Blanket Scarves

Janna opted for comfort and style with her newly purchased clogs. Perfect for walking the Whyte Ave. streets. Blanket ScarvesBlanket ScarvesBlanket ScarvesAnother thing I love about Janna’s look, is her perfect fall lip color. I was struggling to find that “just right” fall red and hers is absolutely lovely! Head on over to Behind the Blush to see her fall lip tutorial coming soon!

Janna’s look: Forever 21 Hat | Zara Scarf | H&M Long Cardigan | Urban Outfitters Clogs

Blanket Scarves Part II: I had to get one for myself!! And I am loving tartan right now!! Check back soon with “3 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf!”
Photo 2014-10-07, 4 34 22 PMPS – Thanks for the cute GIF Party Party APP!! :)

A New York State of Mind

A New York State of MindNormally after I get home from a trip, I love doing a full recap and making some personal recommendations for the city. After visiting New York City, I truthfully feel like I barely scratched the surface and am hardly in a place to give advice. At this point I have a long list of things I want to do and see when I go back; and, even revisit some of the places I did get to venture this go around. I am definitely in a New York state of mind!

Some highlights from the trip were getting to see amazing shows on Broadway – The Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder was the most spectacular musical I have seen in a very long time. I would go see it again and again if I could! And the Wayra show by Fuerza Bruta was spectacular. Cirque du Soleil meets Brazilian energy meets party!A New York State of Mind I unfortunately couldn’t get tickets to Cabaret BUT I did get to meet the incredible cast after the show. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to wait at any stage door after a production. Talking to these artists is such a unique experience!

We visited Radio City Musical Hall (go there to see the incredible Art Deco design alone), Broadway Dance Centre, and Rockefellar Plaza. We went shopping in Soho and in the Flatiron district, stopping to relax in Madison Square Park. We had time for a quick stop at FAO Schwarz so I could see the piano…I loved the movie BIG when I was little. Photo 2014-10-11, 11 25 43 AMAnother favourite moment for me was seeing the World Trade centre. I can’t explain the way this memorial affected me…I was a lot more emotional than I expected. It made sense…the water constantly pouring into a vast hole that has no bottom…it was a very powerful image that definitely resonated with all of us.Photo 2014-10-10, 9 33 41 PM

I loved being in Grand Central Station. I felt like I was transported back in time…while at the same time I was desperately wanting to start a flashmob! A New York State of MindA New York State of MindA New York State of Mind A New York State of Mind

Here are some more photos from our walk in Central Park. We started at the memorial to John Lennon and continued through the Strawberry Fields.

A New York State of MindA New York State of MindEverywhere we went, we met vibrant New Yorkers singing and playing instruments! So much talent in one city…A New York State of MindCould I please reenact the scene from the Sex and the City where Carey gets picked up by Big in one of these?!A New York State of MindA New York State of MindA New York State of MindI got to visit the Madewell store in Soho and purchased this cropped sweatshirt that went perfectly with my high rise plaid pants! I could have spent a very long time in the Madewell store but I behaved!A New York State of MindAnd after 5 days of jam packed touring of this city, my feet needed the comfort of my Converse!A New York State of MindA New York State of MindFall in New York…what a dream…A New York State of MindWe then visited the Bethesda Fountain, which is one of the most famous fountains in the world. A New York State of MindWe spent some time listening to buskers underneath the lower terrace – who were absolutely beautiful. A New York State of MindA New York State of MindIt was the perfect Central Park kind of day… #inspiredbyNewYorkA New York State of Mind

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