blogpodiumOne week ago, I travelled, alongside some incredible ladies, to this year’s Blogpodium conference in Vancouver. I had no idea what to expect and the butterflies were definitely bouncing around, but I was so excited! After coming home, organizing my thoughts, creating countless lists and processing just how amazing the weekend was, I had to share my experience with you all. It’s safe to say I was completely inspired by Blogpodium….here’s why:

blogpodiumI Got a Better Grasp on the Blogging World

Being at this for over 2 years, I’ll be honest and say that I was starting to get disheartened. I didn’t know if I was doing anything right or if all the hours spent were actually getting me any further in my career. After each session, I learned some valuable lessons about upcoming trends, how to use Google Analytics, how to go about monetizing in a way that works for you and so many more tips and tricks. Knowledge is definitely power! I couldn’t believe how many simple steps I was missing that could help my blog grow. But in that same breath, I also learned that I was, and still am, doing a lot of things right too and that definitely reinvigorated me. The weekend helped reaffirm why I am blogging and the goals I hope to accomplish.blogpodium

Where There is Love and Inspiration…

…you cannot go wrong. From the keynote speech from Jillian Harris, who’s incredibly genuine (and hilarious), to Caroline and Kendall from Poppy Barley, with their candid message to ignore the seagulls in your life (since they are just going to shit all over you!!), it was apparent that every single person involved in the weekend LOVED what they did and found INSPIRATION in it. I took away so much from hearing these women speak, from meeting talented artists in the marketplace and from dialoguing with so many creative people. blogpodium

Poppy Barley | Jillian Harris (photo by Elliven Studio)choose courage not comfort


Checking out the Marketplace – Pixel Paper Hearts & our girl Justine Ma

Support in All the Right Places

I learned quickly that my blog can only be successful if I have the right people in my support system. It’s not often that you come across so many like minded people – ladies who want to build their businesses, create great content and potentially change their lives and careers. Getting to be a part of our #yegblogpodiumsquad was the absolute best part about the conference. Spending the weekend together, we became fast friends and I really felt like my support system had grown extensively. We all want to support one another and help each other accomplish our massive lists and goals! I loved that the quote Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe was on display because it couldn’t be any truer. blogpodium

All the gals in their Poppy Barleys! | From Left to right: Me | Janine from My Pennies My Thoughts | Christine from Just Bella Blog & Make Shop Social | Diana from 204 Park | Aislin from Mr and Mrs L | Nicole from Dutchie Love | Breanna from Breanne Marie Photography

blogpodiumOut for a little YVR fun post BlogPodium!

blogpodiumSome of my favourite items that came home with me!

And there you have it…quite the inspirational experience! In the coming weeks, I’ll share a little more of our Vancouver adventure! Thanks for stopping by!